Be a part of our global climate change story. Enter your art work now and encourage your friends and fans to view and review the images – our climate change artists tell the collective story of climate change today.

What you receive: Your work will be on view for 2 months or longer on our platform. Secondly, and partially based on your “views and reviews,” you may qualify to be included in the digital exhibition “Art for Climate change” – produced as a short film to be shared with partners around the world, and premiered at a contemporary art gallery in Paris.

Our Story

Climate Change is facing a fragmented market today – Platforme Planet Earth shares news, ideas, products, opportunities and solutions. Our mission is to engage, inspire and motivate individuals and businesses to take action.

Though there is abundant information on climate change in many channels around the world, there is currently no global forum to aggregate the information.
– Information from every news, business, academic and scientific outlet has limited exposure through its own channel.
Bringing together the content on our platform increases the audience of each individual voice and amplifies the collective message
– Entrepreneurs developing ideas and new businesses to address climate change issues and awareness lack clear and consistent access to buyers and potential investors
Providing a marketplace for ideas and new ventures provides greater opportunity to match buyers and sellers

Platforme Planet Earth is a curated selection of climate change news, academic information and a marketplace for buyers and sellers to promote and sell their ideas and products. The website is centered around a rotating selection of planet earth-themed artworks and videos to tell the story. Our story of Planet Earth.

Paris première!

Partnering with 193 Gallery, the Platforme Planet Earth exhibition Art for Climate Change, will premiere in the gallery in October, 2021.

Our partner, 193 Gallery, presents exhibitions dedicated to emerging and confirmed contemporary countries and artists from diverse backgrounds.

1: Symbol of creativity, independence and trust in the world

9: Symbol of ideals, spiritual elevation and empathy for others

3: Symbol of sharing, sensitivity to the world and emotions

This beautiful venue will serve as a fitting backdrop to our climate change presentation.  Artists, guests and all partners will learn more about climate change in an elegant and unique setting in Paris.  

The exhibition will be curated by Platforme Planet Earth Founder, Judy Holm and other guest curators to be announced.

Most exhibitions incur significant carbon emissions via shipping and other travel costs throughout the supply chain of the exhibition preparation and installation.

Our exhibition is digital content only, with minimal carbon footprint

Platforme Planet Earth is proud to announce our charity partner – Little Sun

10% of our net proceeds will be donated to Little Sun


The organisation was founded in 2012 by the contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson, and Frederik Ottesen, an engineer – an artist and a problem solver who look at the world from different perspectives. 

They search for new and unconventional paradigms, challenge old belief systems to find new solutions to intractable problems.

They believe that every person has the power to change the world with their passion, creativity, and ingenuity, and that everyone has a role to play in changing the world for the better.   

Their programs in Africa are just the beginning of what can be accomplished with our help- 

Create thriving communities powered by solar energy;

Reduce climate injustices;

Transition to a world powered entirely by renewable energy.

Climate Change Art

Discover how art depicts beauty in our world, the fragility of our planet, and represents the hope to keep our planet safe – through the lens of these talented artists

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