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“Imposing wilderness” tells about  the fascination that one feels in remote and boundless places, where the mind is transported through a different perception of space. The imposing desert of our imagination, the one that frightens us, but fascinates us immensely for its extraordinary beauty. The photos were taken during a trip to Namibia, a land of magical and surreal landscapes, in the desert of Namib, in the Kunene region and in the Skeleton coast and focus on the theme of the advancement of the desertification due to global warming. Over 75% of the land surface is affected by desertification. According to data published by the Global Atlas of Desertification, this figure could increase to 90% in 2050. The advance of desertification does not concern only Africa as erroneously is believed, but all the areas defined as “hotspots”. Desertification stems partly from the effects of climate change, partly from mismanagement of soil causing sterility of land, which with the impoverishment of vegetation releases amounts of CO2 contributing significantly to the increase in temperatures. The alteration of soil nutrients due to deforestation, the advance of fires and the absence of eco-sustainable methods are all determining factors that contribute to the advancement of desertification.
The image of the road recurs in this production as a symbol of connection between man and nature allowing of connecting people to places, to reach landscapes sometimes considered unattainable. Roads crossing wastelands and deserts become an expression of collective and social resilience and human adaptability. However, they also represent the result of man’s transformative action significantly changing the landscape and consequently affecting animal survival. The presented work seeks to convey a message enviromental protection and wildlife safeguard by stimulating collective perception and awareness about the values of biodiversity and respect for natural ecosystems. The occasional presence of animals represents an emotional meeting by focusing on the magicality of a moment in which what you didn’t expect to see suddenly appears. They represent the great resistance and capacity of adaptation to climate change by surviving in extreme conditions. 

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