A Digital Exhibition – Open Call to All Artists

All submissions received by Jan 31, 2022 are eligible to be part of the second edition of the Platforme Planet Earth digital exhibition –  Art for Climate Change.

Artists are encouraged to continue to submit work, which will be entered in the second exhibition taking place in 2022.

Artwork that will be shown in the exhibition will be selected from two separate channels – curated pieces through galleries as well as submissions on this site. 

The program will feature renowned artists and amateurs. Photography, paintings, sculpture and all other digital images are eligible.

All pieces must fit in one of the nine categories, selected by the artist at the time of submission:

Nine categories of climate change art, the themes of our exhibition:

WildlifeUrban SettingSpace
People and the EnvironmentPeople and ConstructionPeople and Migration

1. Fall/Winter 2021/2022 

Once the curators select the artwork to be included, the exhibition will be created and produced as a short film, it will headline the Platforme Planet Earth website and all marketing outreach for 3 to 6 months.

2. March 2022 

The exhibition will be produced as a video- including images of the winning submissions. A high-impact audio-visual presentation of the exhibition will debut on all of our digital media and social channels in March 2-22.

The exhibition will be included on our dedicated channel, Planet Earth, on ikonotv- which has 1 million+ monthly viewers.

The exhibition is directed by Platforme Planet Earth Founder, Judy Holm and curated by Gina Costa and Savita Apte-  internationally renowned art historians and curators.

The film will be produced by Academy Award winning filmmaker, Juan Carlos Zaldivar.

The exhibition will be available as a Traveling Exhibition and made available to corporations and other institutions via a licensing fee.

Our exhibition is digital content only, and no carbon footprint*

*excluding any local costs of ancillary printing and installation of A/V equipment

Platforme Planet Earth reaches passionate consumers through direct marketing and digital media

The program is designed to reach a broad audience interested in climate change and connect the communities of science and business through the visual platform of art.

Our mission is to engage, inspire and motivate individuals and businesses to take action.